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World SIM Driver Association
Nov 15, 2016

World SIM Driver Association (WSDA)

The World SIM Driver Association group was created after the news that probably the most go to SIM Racing website Race2Play was, after 10yrs, closing its doors.

All past, present and future SIM drivers are welcome to join and stay in touch with their friends through here, as well as sharing news and information about what races are happening where.


Comments (by most recent)

Posted by abhishek dalia Id_icon_gray at 01:38 PM on Nov 16, 2016 Comment #4

I've sent a request also,im just really crushed

Posted by Jason Whited Id_icon_gray at 11:47 PM on Nov 15, 2016 Comment #3

Thanks for this, Simon.
I just sent a request to join the group.

This really sucks. I hope we can keep in touch with those we enjoy racing and competing with.

I've really enjoyed racing with you guys, all of you.

*shutting up before I get sentimental :/

Posted by Simon Swarbrick Id_icon_gray at 10:13 PM on Nov 15, 2016 Comment #2

Do it Nick, remove the idiots like I do, lol...

Posted by Nick Phillips Id_icon_gray at 10:02 PM on Nov 15, 2016 Comment #1

Damn I literally disabled my FB account yesterday due to the sheer amount of fuckwits who don't like democracy when it suits them.

Might have to log back in, remove them and sign up :-]