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Thank you all, resignation from R2P
Oct 28, 2016

In 2005 Todd and I created Race2Play. Since then I have operated and officiated this community through 40 seasons of racing spanning 18,000 online racing events. Race2Play has been my sole employment for the past 11 years. Many believed it not possible to do, but Race2Play has lasted more than 10 years as a membership based sim-racing organization (the first of it's kind, which many have copied now). I have met and raced with thousands of great people during this time, in one of the largest online racing communities to have ever existed. For all of this I am truly grateful and I want to thank each of you, especially the supporting members.

With that said, I have decided to resign from the daily operations of Race2Play so I may put more of my time on other projects. This will take place, gradually, over the next few months so as to limit the impact on the daily operations of Race2Play. I wish Race2Play, both as an organization and as a community of people, all the luck in the future.


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Posted by Tim McArthur Id_icon_gray at 04:48 PM on Nov 21, 2016 Comment #32

Thanks for all the warm-and-fuzzy's guys. I will miss you all as well.

I will head off to the other thread (about R2P) to see if I can answer some of the questions coming up.

Posted by Steve Davis Id_icon_gray at 09:26 AM on Nov 17, 2016 Comment #31

I very much enjoyed my time here....good luck with your future endeavours.

Posted by Michael Kolar Id_icon_gray at 03:10 AM on Nov 17, 2016 Comment #30

Wow- finally hearing the news- thanks for all you and Todd have done to create and nurture this community for so long. I will always have great memories of my time here. Best of luck with your next projects!

Posted by Jim Barisoff Id_icon_gray at 05:49 PM on Nov 16, 2016 Comment #29

Well, what can I add? :(

Best of luck in your future projects and thank you for giving me and many others a great place to race.

PS Any suggestions on what I can do with my free time now...the wife will not be happy.

Posted by Norm Borczon Id_icon_gray at 04:36 AM on Nov 16, 2016 Comment #28

Just found out - a shock.

Tim, thanks for all that you have done, welcoming MNRL into the fold six years ago, R2P literally saved MNRL from becoming history. All your work on our behalf has been so much appreciated.
Best wishes for success in your future endeavors.

Posted by Luke Maney Id_icon_gray at 03:29 AM on Nov 16, 2016 Comment #27

Come on man, what are you going to do now-drive a forklift, answer a phone at an all night sushi restaurant? Racing is in your blood, you can't quit!

I have always found you to be very helpful when I needed help running my league (sorry for all the last minute changes), and this place is cool because of you Tim. I will miss you and I hope all is well with you and yours, take care buddy.

Posted by Neil Larson Id_icon at 10:44 PM on Nov 13, 2016 Comment #26

Hmmmmmm.... Yup, ditto...

Posted by Enis Dauti Id_icon at 12:48 PM on Nov 11, 2016 Comment #25

My first online race ever was 3h at Watkins Glen at in 2005, I was hooked. Thank you. Best of luck with whatever you do next.

Posted by Johnny Gutierrez Id_icon at 02:04 AM on Nov 09, 2016 Comment #24

Wishing you the best of luck on your new endeavors. It's going to feel a bit odd with you not around. It was great meeting you Tim. We'll see you around I hope.

Posted by Mike Erickson Id_icon at 01:51 AM on Nov 07, 2016 Comment #23

Wow! Unexpected for sure. Thank you Tim for your support and all you have accomplished. Your work and dedication to R2P and online racing was very much appreciated. I wish you all possible success in your new projects. You will be missed.

Posted by Aaron Jackson Id_icon_gray at 02:18 AM on Nov 03, 2016 Comment #22

Are you Kidding right now? Loss of words really. I never saw this coming.

Can't help but feel a little worried about R2P now. Hope everything is good behind the scenes.

Thanks for everything Tim. You and your partner have managed to create something very special to sim racers which only a few can recognize.

At least get another sim racing rig and race with us here an there.

Posted by Ze Jesus Id_icon_gray at 09:38 PM on Nov 02, 2016 Comment #21

THANK YOU Tim for making me feel being at home in these four years I have of R2P.

Success for your future projects!

Posted by Tristan Bayless Id_icon at 08:48 PM on Nov 02, 2016 Comment #20

I echo everyone's positive sentiment. Please take care of yourself - we know you will excel in whatever you next choose to do. I still recall with clarity our first meet, outside an electricity-less indoor go-kart facility in the pouring rain, and the first thing you did when I arrived was hug me. A sweet gesture from a cool guy; a memory I'll never forget. Keep in touch you weirdo! <3

Posted by Bob Fay Id_icon_gray at 11:01 AM on Nov 02, 2016 Comment #19


I have so many questions Tim, and obviously none of them are any of my business. The only thing left to say is THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for inviting me and Scott Berube into soooo many years ago, and good luck in all of your future endeavors. I really hope that you keep in touch in one way or another. Take care, and good health and happiness to you and your family.

Posted by Joco Gorenc Id_icon at 12:51 AM on Nov 02, 2016 Comment #18

Good luck with whatever project you working on next man. There's time coming for a change in anything I guess.