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S24 schedule announcement
Mar 01, 2012

S24 schedule announcement
(Some Independent League schedules still to be added)
- 2012 Race2Play 'Pro' Series [see announcement]
- Pro drivers & teams race for cash [see announcement]
- Create your own Series, Events, League program to begin [see announcement]

New addons available for S24
- Laguna Seca '67 for rFactor
- Autodromo de Posadas for rFactor
- Thruxton for rFactor
- Autodromo Ciudad de Santa Rosa for rFactor
- Bridgehampton track for rFactor
- Formula Sim Racing F1 for rFactor
- GCMCL Car addon for GT Legends
- Limerock for GT Legends
- Mid-Ohio for GT Legends
- Bridgehampton for GT Legends
- Road America for GT Legends
- Sebring for GT Legends
- St. Jovite for GT Legends
- Laguna Seca for GT Legends
- Darlington for GT Legends
- Watkins Glen '75 for GT Legends
- Melbourne Australia for RACE07

Euro Cup 2012
Vintage Sports Racers*
Cobra vs Cheetah Challenge*
rFormula BMW [Euro]
rFormula BMW [East]
Skoda Octavia Cup [Euro]
Skoda Octavia Cup [East]
VHR CWTS series*
BMW E90 LIGA Cup [Euro]
BMW E90 LIGA Cup [East]
BMW E21 Challenge [Euro]
BMW E21 Challenge [USA]
BAHA Offroad Challenge
Porsche GT3 Cup
Megane EuroCup [Euro]
Megane EuroCup [USA]
VHR NWS series*
North American GT [Euro]
North American GT [USA]
Lamborghini GT3 Cup [Euro]
Lamborghini GT3 Cup [USA]
Porsche SuperCup [Euro]
Porsche SuperCup [USA]
Endurance Series GT Challenge [Euro]
Endurance Series GT Challenge [USA]
Spec Rhez GT2
World Touring Car Championship
Formula Armaroli
FIA GT 2004
GT Pro World Endurance Championship*
V8 Supercars [Pro]
IZOD IndyCar Series [Pro]
Formula 1 [Pro]
European LeMans Series [Pro]
VHR Cup series*
Formula RaceRoom
Grand-Am Sports Car Series [Pro]
American Le Mans Series [Pro]
Mini Cooper Cup
VW FunCup
GT3 Sports Car Challenge
1960s World Class Racing
Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft
Gran Turismo Challenge*
ARCA Ultimate Challenge*
rFormula BMW [West]
Skoda Octavia Cup [West]
BMW E90 LIGA Cup [West]
South American Le Mans Series
GT World Endurance
Formula Renault 3.5
IGN Auto Racing Career League*
Vintage WSC*
Saleen Mustang LE
* - Independent League

Become the title sponsor for any of the "Sponsors Pick" events and you pick the track to run. Take the lead by putting together the schedules you want this season for everyone's favorite series. These special sponsorships start at just $0.99.

Go to the Sponsorships

Sponsors simply need post their track decisions in the Pre-race for those events, or PM to Tim McArthur. Tracks must be ones already tested and approved in the R2P system.

Comments (by most recent)

Posted by Race2Play Staff Id_icon_gray at 08:03 AM on Apr 06, 2012 Comment #21

Another addition: Saleen Mustang LE (Sponsors gets to choose tracks!)

Posted by Pete Bunce Id_icon at 10:17 AM on Apr 03, 2012 Comment #20

Hmmm, still waiting for a series I want to do at the time I can do it. Looks like I'll take a season off.

Posted by Race2Play Staff Id_icon_gray at 10:04 AM on Apr 03, 2012 Comment #19

Another addition: Vintage WSC (GT Legends LM-55 addon)

Posted by Rich Dozier Id_icon_gray at 05:18 PM on Apr 01, 2012 Comment #18

When are we gonna get the goahead to load up the S24 skins?


Posted by Race2Play Staff Id_icon_gray at 08:26 AM on Apr 01, 2012 Comment #17

A few more additions:
GT World Endurance
Formula Renault 3.5
IGN Auto Racing Career League*

Posted by Race2Play Staff Id_icon_gray at 11:10 AM on Mar 20, 2012 Comment #16

Max_cars have increased by 20% for Season 24. Bigger fields in every race!

Posted by Race2Play Staff Id_icon_gray at 03:24 PM on Mar 06, 2012 Comment #15

Added the following:

rFormula BMW [West]
Skoda Octavia Cup [West]
BMW E90 LIGA Cup [West]
South American Le Mans Series

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 10:58 PM on Mar 05, 2012 Comment #14

Charlie - click on RACING in main menu bar. Then choose either Sims - and the sim you are interested in (it gives a list of upcoming events and timing etc), OR Series - where each Series coming up/currently in place is shown with the relevant Sim logo next to it:).

Posted by Charlie Parker Id_icon_gray at 06:09 PM on Mar 05, 2012 Comment #13

It would be nice if the series listed above also included the sim that is associated with it. Then I wouldn't have to fish for it.

Posted by Race2Play Staff Id_icon_gray at 01:16 PM on Mar 05, 2012 Comment #12

We would happily schedule a series or two specific to your needs/wants Michael. Contact Tim and let him know the day and series you would like to see. I'm sure something can be arranged.

Posted by Michael Herring Id_icon_gray at 10:36 AM on Mar 05, 2012 Comment #11

No west coast events, and east coast events moved back yet another hour. You guys tired of working late?

At least there are Saturday and Sunday early events otherwise I would be S.O.L.

btw: I (and several others) are already paying for supposedly premium treatment. Having to pay more to have an event that is at a time we can run doesn't seem like premium treatment.

Now I would understand if this was the way it had been but it seems to me that the start times for East coast races have steadily moved up and up f or the past year or so. When I started in 2009 a lot of races started in the 10 o'clock hour east coast time. Then 9, and now 8.
Just kind of wondering what is causing this trend and why the west coast time slot is not being used to provide events. The argument that the events aren't patronized doesn't seem to hold water considering that the Skoda series this season is seeing 20 driver fields.

Posted by Marco Boemi Id_icon_gray at 01:10 AM on Mar 04, 2012 Comment #10

So there is only 1 serie for rF2? Why?

Posted by Heinz Petzold Id_icon_gray at 04:39 PM on Mar 02, 2012 Comment #9

Reinhard, we are just lucky to still get 2 series in GTR2 (still the best sim out, but cannot seem to stop the rfactor fanboys from dominating everything)

Posted by Reinhard Berger Id_icon_gray at 03:32 PM on Mar 02, 2012 Comment #8

hello r2p official,

if i did watch correct, then only 2 series for GTR2, FIA GT2004 and gt3 cup.
no GTopen next season? or perhaps other 3rd series for GTR2?


Posted by Felipe Anzolin Id_icon_gray at 02:22 PM on Mar 02, 2012 Comment #7

Good news - DRM is back
Really Good news - DRM will bring a 2.0 version soon, with the new Celica Turbo
Bad news - Pete will race faster than ever on its BMW 320 and he will win all races again :D