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Dec 31, 2016


Well it has been one hell of a ride.

Thank you for allowing a crazy guy like me to have a racing team - allowing my team of crazy Jamaicaboyz to grow from 2011 - 2016 into a legit racing team that delivered big on it's dreams and competed at the top of the roster at every event. 5 years and an incredible record of podiums and wins.

JamaicaBoyz - Mark Carty, Fernando Cardenas, Matt Willoughby, Ricardo Barbosa, Reinhard Berger, Max Zambon, Giovanni Dara. Giuseppe Stia, Denis Turcotte, Pavel Darebny, Lionel Suedile, Bob Fyha, Johnathan Law, Martin Vindis and James Wilson.

We salute Race2Play and all the accomplishments you have done here in this forum for the sport we love.

Race2Play, I will truly miss you... and all the friends and competitors and teammates Ihave met here.

Thank you for believing in the JamaicaBoyz.

Gary Murray

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Oct 12, 2013

Hours of practice and all for naught...

I sometimes scratch my head and wonder what gremlins lie in wait for me during a race. Funny, they never show themselves before the race or the hours spent throughout the week practicing... you know... 30mins here, 1hr there just tweeks.. you know.. not happy with this tire temp or the way you take that corner... not enough downforce too much arb... you know what I mean... just plain hammering it out.

That's not including the 45min to 1hr of warm-up on the server and all through that... yup no gremlins.

Then Race time, Quali-time, even warm-up... no gremlins... not a one.

It seems, well at least to me, that as soon as they (the Gremlins) see the light go green... boom, its like the all cash in their frequent flyer miles just to swoop down and mess up my race.

Hey who needs points... I just want to race.

One Luv


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Aug 06, 2011

My racing rig is starting to become tempermental...

She has been noticing me talking to other systems at Best Buy, she overheard me discussing her with the Geek Squad tech guys... I sneeaked out of the house so I could oogle the new hard drives at TigerDirect...I even took a few sku number off the Bar Codes... touching new Towers at Factory me in BIG trouble... I think the last straw was when she caught me touching a new motherboard at TechDirect.

My Primary Hard Drive walked out on me. It's hard to believe she's gone... I will miss her.

Good thing I always have a back-up on standby... PHD was jealous of her too.

So now my "HDWB" "Hard Drive With Benefits" the one I took everywhere... has got to shoulder the load. She has become my PHD...she knows, however it will be just temporary...

The situation... not her... have to be careful... don't want her to think I will replace her permanently.

So, till then, I will be MIA for a day or two... Install...Install..unarchive... Install... repeat until complete.

Good luck in your races and see you when I see you

One Love


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Apr 20, 2011

So what the hey...or what the Blip...
I was wondering for the longest while why my F430 would spin out entering high speed..low speed...and at one point any turn.

I thought it was everything in the virtual book...what the BLIPPPPP...

Well, it looks like it was the Blip... I started analyzing and agonizing my racing technique...more than my usual... when recently during a 3 hour endurance in this virtual mid-engine masterpiece of a GT car, I discovered that if I overshoot my braking points, I would also down shift more rapidly and... yes... go ahead say it...

Miss the Blip...

That little flick of the accelerator, matching the rev's to the wheel spin... so slight... yet it could cost you everything... seconds,minutes,engines...weeks of practice.


Now that I realize it, it's time to fix it... maybe there's hope for me yet.

We'll see

One Love.


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Apr 04, 2011

Spring Cleaning for Sim Racers.

Every now and again, clean house, virtually as well as in real life. The end result is usually the same.

Purge, archive, defrag, re-evaluate... Walk away... then repeat the process again.
I spent the better part of this weekend just cleaning up around the virtual house. Man I feel free....

I removed 39.5GB of files, files that were just lounging around on my hard drive collecting dust... I did what i tell the kids to do all the time... CLEAN UP THE MESS! ARRGHHH... yes you... ARGGHH...

Now, I feel better, I did a fresh install of rFactor, the necessary plug-ins and slowly adding the racing mods I ACTUALLY use. Surprising how short of a list it turns out to be. Hmmm.

Maybe, just maybe... now that I'm a little but lighter (virtually) I will be a little bit faster...

We'll see.

One Love.


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