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Dec 31, 2016

OK, the last day for R2P, so the last chance to post on my thoughts on 2016 at R2P - something I did year in year out in my 8.5 years of Sim racing here.

Unfortunately there's not much data to post stats on. To cut a long story short, got quite ill early in the year but on the road to recovery. But that impacted on my Sim Racing. So here goes....

7 races in 2016 plus 1 Time Trial.

No wins, best finish 3rd.

4 events in ASRX (basically Arca Sim Racing stock cars)

3 events in rFactor 2

1 event in Stock Car Extreme.

11 screen shots this year. My personal favourite is this one, from a Formula Extreme (latest F1 car) from Stock Car Extreme, chicane at end of Montreal lap:-

But I'll add this one from rFactor 2, my last race at Northside (Richmond in ISI Stock Car 2015). Love the shot, loved the denial from the community on Facebook that this came out of rF2 with only speed blur added and a bit of darker contrast. LOL:-

I'd like to thank all the guys who supported me both mentally and financially here at R2P during this tough year. Hopefully we stay in touch.

I'll be racing on with my Stock Car league (ARAIG) over at the Stock Car Sim Racing website (a group of leagues all running at the same site, should be very good for numbers and like minded Sim racers).

As for my road racing exploits, I honestly don't know what I'll end up doing - but looking likely that it'll be in Australia there's not much that fits in with my timezone that the Americas/European drivers are now moving to.

R2P was ideal for me. And I'll miss it immensely.

Happy New Year everyone. All the best for the future.

As I end my R2P career, here's an overview of my final Stats:-

577 Events (200 in Stock Cars).

63,213 miles.

192 Podiums.

60 wins.

11 Sims raced at R2P (8 Sims I've managed a win, those being ARCA/ASRX; Formula Truck 2013; GTR2; iRacing; Race 07; rFactor (Indy 500!!!); rFactor 2; Stock Car Extreme).

14 Drivers Championships.

10 Track Records.

1,581 Screenshots since June 2008.

Owner of Phoenix Racing team here at R2P.

Two leagues run:- ARAIG (As Real As It Gets), a Stock Car only league since 2010; AND Showcase Sim Series (all things not rFactor 1 related) since 2012.

A big thank you to Tim and Todd for creating R2P, a big part of my life and memories I'll never forget.

And finally a BIG BIG thanks to my fellow Sim Racers, and to the many I now like to call FRIENDS that I met around the world through this hobby.

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Dec 31, 2015

It's 31st December 2015 here in Australia, and no more racing at R2P for me this year. Continuing my Blog ‘year-end stats Reviews’ (started back in 2011) here’s my 2015 in in a nutshell!


- 55 events between 1 January and 31 December 2015, a decrease of 4 events from last year. Continuing a downward trend of 100+ in previous years.

Same excuse as last year, very busy at work from January to March, then October to present. No coincidence that the time I had spare went into more practice and having more success. Those busy periods, little to no practice and my form dips!


Raced 3 different Sims this year (1 less than last year): –

22 events using ARCA (ASRX) and these were all in the Truck (40%);

15 in Game Stock Car Extreme (c.27%);

18 in rFactor2 (c.33%).


- 7 wins (12.7% of races were wins), a decrease in percentage of wins from 16.9% in 2014:-

2 were in ARCA Trucks (ASRX) (9% of ARCA Truck events led to a win, compared to 33% in the ARCA Stock Car in 2014....a big drop, in no small part due to lack of practice and set up time);

4 in rFactor2 – (22% of rF2 races led to a win compared to 10% in 2014. 3 in Renault Clio, improved a decent set up mid year and got into a nice rhythm);

1 in GSCE (my first win in this Sim. 6% of events races led to a win).


- 1 Drivers Championships:-

ARAIG ARCA X Truck Series (R2P S37/S38).


- 4 Team Championships:-

Phoenix Racing:-

Showcase Sim Series League. Petrobras de Marcas R2P S37. GSCE.

Showcase Sim Series League. Renault Clio Cup R2P S37. rF2.

CT Racing: -

ARAIG ARCA X Truck Series (R2P S35/S36).

ARAIG ARCA X Truck Series (R2P S37/S38).


- 113 screenshots added for the year (grand total now stands at 1,568). A tough year, struggled with time spent per shot vs low 'likes' (e.g why should I bother....) added to lack of time, etc, etc. Hanging on in there with that continuing aim of one shot per event.

My personal favourite shot from 2015:-

ASRX Truck, Mosport, last turn action -


Thoughts on my efforts throughout 2015:-

My favourite drivers to race against - Nick Phillips and Ken Jagger. Always close, always hard, always fair. Thanks for the racing, guys.

I actually didn't enjoy my ARCA ASRX Truck races this year as much as I would have liked to. No practice, long events causing continuing health issues. Struggled with motivation as a result. Only positive has been trying to do my best and at least getting a win or two, PLUS teamspeak chats with the guys. Hopefully a return to the ARCA 08 car in January 2016 will rejuvenate me:).

These past 3 months since being super busy at work (like stupid 20 hour days in December - most of them stood on my feet - with no sleep - kind of stupid!) has led to continuing issues with shoulder/neck problems both in and out of work, and being aggravated whilst racing. AND THEN new issues with 'extensor tendonitis' in my right foot - which has been swollen like a balloon for 2 weeks). Having just turned 50, perhaps this age stuff is actually not just a myth and is starting to catch up with me - LOL!

But I'm hanging on in here for the time being. Seriously been thinking about calling it quits over the Xmas break, or at least having an extended break, but will see out my current series and see how things work out later in 2016.

As always, special thanks to Tim McArthur and Todd Weiss for making Race2Play the best place to Sim race, and making it harder for me to just jack it all in!

Many thanks to all the guys I've raced with, whether that be every week or not. Without you it wouldn't be quite the same.

Not a positive review, but I'm missing being able to prepare for my Sim Racing as I normally do and it's kind of frustrating!

Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 everyone.

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Jun 21, 2015

Joined R2P back in June 2008. My first screenshot was July 2008. Got bored with doing the standard screen-dump unedited ones pretty soon, and so have been editing them since late 2008.

Reached the 1,000 screenshot milestone back in September 2012 (took just over 4 years to get there), but it's taken nearly 3 years to do another 500. 7 years since joining R2P.

Ah well, it's a time consuming process but gives me great pleasure when they turn out like I planned:). Hope you've enjoyed them as much as I have fun doing them.

Here's my 1,500th shot (opening lap tussle at Le Mans '91 heading down Mulsanne Straight, rF2 EGT mod, on 20 June 2015 USA):-

And a link to my R2P Gallery if you want to skim through the 94 pages there - LOL!

Andy Graydon's R2P screenshot Gallery

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Apr 25, 2015

There's been Hitler and "Downfall" spoofs done a million times.

This one is different and guaranteed to have you crying with laughter......and hits the nail on the head too!

Assetto Corsa Developer SPOOF Interview

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Jan 26, 2015

26th January 2015 - Australia Day - also the day myself my wife and my daughter completed the final step in becoming Australian Citizens by attending an official Ceremony and taking the Pledge.

We arrived in Australia on 9th January 2007, so it's been over 8 years in the making. Tough going at times, but we took a big gamble in leaving the UK without a Permanent Visa (just a Student Visa) and changing our lifestyle, our employment type, our comfort zone - we've finally achieved what we set out to do.

R2P has helped me through this process, taking me away from the reality and pressures of real life and putting me in touch with people across the globe who I now call FRIENDS, and to whom I'll be forever thankful for keeping me sane!!

I've raced here at R2P under the Australian flag all this time.....maybe if I'd have pointed out some of my successes on my application forms it would have happened earlier? LOL, only kidding!

Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi, oi, oi!

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Dec 31, 2014

It's 31st December 2014 here in Australia, and no more racing at R2P for me this year. Continuing my Blog ‘year-end stats Reviews’ (started back in 2011) of my year racing at R2P, here’s my 2014 in in a nutshell!

- 59 events between 1 January and 31 December 2013, a decrease of 40 from last year.

Why so few? From July (and ongoing) we’ve been extremely busy at work – doing the hours for 2 full time jobs in a single week = less time to live, let alone practice then race. This trend will continue into 2015.

Raced 4 different Sims this year (5 less than last year): –

24 events using ARCA Stock Car (40.7%);

18 in Game Stock Car Extreme (30.5%);

10 in rFactor2 (16.9%);

7 in iRacing (11.9%);

- 10 wins (16.9% of races were wins), a decrease in percentage of wins from 22.2% in 2013:-

8 were in ARCA (33% of ARCA events led to a win, compared to 36% last year);

1 in rFactor2 – (10% of rF2 races led to a win);

1 in iRacing (14.3% of iRacing events races led to a win).

I struggled with iRacing quite a bit, yet the one victory was at Bathurst in a V8 Supercar – one of the toughest combinations out there!

- 29 Podiums (49.2% of finishes on the Podium), an increase of just over 2% from last year:-

18 were in ARCA (75% of ARCA finishes were on the Podium, an increase of 13% from 2013);

5 in rFactor2 (50% of rF2 races were on the Podium);

5 in Game Stock Car Extreme (27.8% of GSCE races finished on the Podium);

1 in iRacing.

- 2 Drivers Championships:-

ARAIG ARCA Ultimate Challenge (18 events throughout the year, from R2P S31; 32; 33; 34).

Atlantic Racing Academy Clio Cup – Season 2 (rF2), R2P S32.

- 2 Team Championships:-

Phoenix Racing:-
Atlantic Racing Academy Clio Cup – Season 2 (rF2), R2P S32.

CT Racing: -
ARAIG ARCA Ultimate Challenge, R2P S31; 32; 33; 34.

- 130 screenshots added for the year (grand total now stands at 1,455). I hope you've enjoyed them as much as I enjoy creating them!

My thoughts on my efforts throughout 2014:-

As 2014 ends for me at R2P, looking back at this year I continue to realise I’m not able to run fast without practice! A year trying many different car and track combinations in cars I’m not familiar with didn’t help my cause – BUT I still enjoyed the on track battles (as always).

On the other hand my ARCA Sim Racing exploits saw more victories, more podiums and more Championships. Indeed, in the ARCA Stock Car I now stand 2nd (behind Tom Malanga) in all time wins at R2P (with 39 vs Tom’s 43). I see that and I'm still quite stunned how I've come from below average Joe to leading competitor! However, the competition gets ever quicker, and I look forward to the challenge of ARCA Trucks in 2015. A year which will be my 7th at Race2Play.

Special thanks to Tim McArthur and Todd Weiss for making Race2Play the best place to Sim race.

Many thanks to all the guys I've raced with, whether that be every week or not. Without you it wouldn't be quite the same.

HAPPY 2015 everyone.

Sep 07, 2014

Over 6 years since joining R2P, I marked up my 50th official victory in my 507th event.

Achieved a pretty dominant win today on the DuQuoin State Fair dirt track in the ARCA Sim Racing Stock Car.

100 miles/laps managing the right angles for best traction vs least tire heat (and resultant wear) out of the turns, all worked out pretty well perfect. Nice healthy field too, making the win an extra nice feeling:).

DuQuoin ARCA Race Result

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Jul 29, 2014

Mr Aussie taxman owed me some money - just come through, so 4 years since I built this rig (see my previous Blog (on computers) it's getting an upgrade on Video card and RAM.

From a Powercolor Radeon HD5770 1GB - to an MSI Radeon R9 280X 3GB.

From 4 sticks of 2GB RAM (8GB)(2 Patriot, 2 cheapo make I can't remember the name of!) to 2 sticks of 8GB Corsair Vengeance (16GB).

Order placed, should have it through in 2 days.....can't wait to see what this does for rF2 and AC in particular:).

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Jul 25, 2014

Race 500 was the ARAIG League ARCA San Jose Road Course race on 20th July 2014, running as high as P2 but crashing out into a tyre barrier after 29 laps of this Monaco-esque circuit!

Basic info:-

- 500 races. Started in R2P Season 9, now in my 25th Season at R2P. Just under half of those races have been events I’ve ‘Hosted’, either through my ARCA Sim Racing League (ARAIG) or my Showcase Sim Series League (various Sims, except for rFactor 1).

- 1 year and 2 weeks to reach number 500. It took 1 year and 1 month to reach 400; 1 year and 4 months to reach 300; 1 year and 6 months to reach 200; and 1 year and 2 months to reach 100.

Overall it's taken 6 years and 1 month to reach the 500 marker since joining R2P on 16th June 2008 (yes, I’ve only recently passed the 6th anniversary of joining Race2Play).

- 92 different Cars raced, and 204 Tracks driven.

- 54,403 miles (average just over 108 miles per event, down from the 116 miles average at race 400.

Lower mileage probably due to running Formula Truck 2013 and Game Stock Car with their ultra-realistic damage and brake/engine wear issues – a few more DNF’s!!

- 47 wins in total (a further 1 in a Formula Masters Fun Run – not included in the stats).

20 of those wins between races 401 and 500, broken down as follows:-

15 in ARCA Sim Racing, Stock Cars; 2 in Formula Truck 2013; 1 in Race 07; 1 in iRacing; 1 in rFactor 2.

Considering I’m not of the ‘alien’ variety (by any means), having raced 11 different Sims at R2P I’ve now won races in 7 of them!!

- 156 Podiums in total; 53 of those between race 401 and 500.

- 22 Pole Positions in total; 7 of those between race 401 and 500.

- 5 lap records currently held.

- 11 Drivers Championships in total, 3 decided in the last 100 races.

- 22 Team Championships in total, 8 decided in the last 100 races.

Screenshot info during races 401 to 500:-

- 1,409 screenshots in total with over 6,000 ‘Likes’.

- During this period I posted my 500th ARCA Sim Racing screenshot (first raced this at R2P in 2009).

- 221 screenshots posted relating to races 401 to 500.

I've done what I did for my 100; 200, 300 and 400 event Blogs - a montage of screenshots from those added to my R2P Gallery between 401 and 500. Not necessarily the most popular but some of my own personal favourites):-

Image info:-

LEFT (top to bottom):-
- ARCA Sim Racing - Berlin Short track, leading in the early stages of a race I’d win by nearly 2 laps! December 2013.
- rFactor 2 – Autodromo di Mores, Clio Cup. Just taken P2 after having been P14 and last after Turn 1 Lap 1. This 2nd place finish went a long way to achieving the Drivers Championship. April 2014.
- Game Stock Car Extreme – Montreal ’88. Formula Retro (mid ‘70’s F1 cars). Hairpin. April 2014.

MIDDLE (top to bottom):-
- Game Stock Car – Curitiba in the ‘Mini Twilight Series’. April 2014.
- Formula Truck 2013 – Goiania, leading but being hounded by eventual winner Felipe Anzolin. Terminal brake failure for me just before the end! August 2013.
- iRacing – GT Pro class, Porsche RUF Track heading into the Vale at Silverstone. March 2014.
- Game Stock Car – Salvador Bahia street circuit in the V8 Stock Cars. December 2013.

RIGHT (top to bottom):-
- ARCA Sim Racing – Michigan International (2 mile oval), my first ever win here. June 2014.
- rFactor 2 – Silverstone GT circuit. GT Pro racing using the URD EGT mod. July 2014.
- ARCA Sim Racing – DuQuoin dirt track. Drift central and another win in ARCA. August 2013.
- netKar PRO – Prato GP circuit, Formula 1600 top 5 close tussle on lap 1. October 2013.

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Jul 12, 2014

Just turned on the PC. Sounds like it's starting up, all fans work etc (I've got the side off at the moment). Then after about 5 seconds, it shuts itself down, then restarts. This is a continuous cycle. When this happens, the monitor stays black (stand by light is orange on monitor, never turns to blue which it would do when screen starts up).

Once it's stayed on all the time. But no monitor as above.

Any ideas?

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