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Jan 03, 2017

I remember my first time here at Race2Play, I was a Newbie to SIM racing as it was I thought I knew all about online racing, oh boy was I out of my league. The first two race was a disaster crashing, punting, hell you think I was a wrecker. GTR2 was my first race here I think and I didn't know what league racing was all about. With all the other times I raced was on open public servers where all the wild cowboy drivers were. That all change though after getting in shit by the Stewart's several times.

Well I wasn't going to quit that easily. There was this beginners series that use to be at R2P called the BMW Challenge using the SIM Demo of the same name where all new to SIM raacing could go and learn how to race. I remember the clan of us who were in it eventually became members of my chapter back in 2008. We stuck together for a couple years until we grew better into driving and parted our ways to other league opportunities at R2P.

Watching the site of Race2Play grow from the little community of its own pleasure to a business for many who now are here because of it. Todd had put many many hours into the site to get it where it is today with the great simple looking site that was made for us to be able to use and create series and events without the spread sheet way us chapter members had to create our series on and sent it to Tim to manually set up the races.

There can be much more I could write about the history of Race2Play but I don't think I need to repeat what most of you already know. This is a place we can call a ONE OF A KIND.

Today I am here posting my last message and saying goodbye to Todd and Tim and to thank you for your almost 9 years of knowing you. Through the good and bad II had a HELL YA of a good time here. You guys thought me a lot.

I would like to say good bye to the members who I probably won't ever race with again, maybe one day we will cross roads somewhere on the world wide web.

It's now a New Year and a new future for virtual racing for me with my small community of buddies and to find a new generation of SIM racers to join my league a league of a few friends who just want to pass time and race.

Good Bye and Happy News Years to all

Doug Dezan

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Dec 12, 2016

The Server testing should be up for Moonshine Racers by the 17th December

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Dec 03, 2016

Well guys, it was fun and I just have removed my prepayments from paypal for R2P payments. The Moonshine Teams will close down by the 19th of December here at Race2Play.


Moonshine SIM Racers has started to construct a new Site and Forum. Soon a dedicated race server in the first quarter of 2017. For now I think rFactor 1 will be used to get the league start.

JOIN HERE >> Moonshine SIM Racers Forums

There is a ton of work to do and hope to get some members to help build this community.

Aug 31, 2016

This past couple weeks my Dad has been very ill with two minor heart attacks and now his body is starting to shut down. He is a stubborn man and wants to die at home instead of staying in the hospital. The other day his status is downgraded to hour by hour.

My Mom cannot take care of her self as she has dementia and three quarters of the time does not know what is happening or who people are, even not knowing who I am sometimes.

I will probably be side line helping Race2Play with there work I am involved in which I have be already not been able to do much work lately.

My race yesterday I had to leave after 3 laps to deal with these problems and looks like in the coming week or two it could effect my racing events. Just a note for my series and events here at Race2Play, if I am not there just go ahead and vote to race without me.

See you on the track when I can :)

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Aug 11, 2016

To bad we still don't have any way to communicate on our Portal RRRE, so I will try here and use my blog.

Hope to see you guys/gals there on the board. Looking forward to racing against your ghost cars :)

Jul 16, 2016

I made a Race2Play icon for my desktop link to the site. If anyone is interested in using it if you happen to also have a link on your desktop the download is available below.


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Jul 05, 2016

You can clearly see when quitters will do their own thing and ... The driving is a constant losing battle with the car to get the cars to do what you want ... in the middle of a race to and then quit every time.

Do you like to preface this by saying you have played this event for over "X" amount of time, You have finished the race, achieved the trophy , so you did still get a modicum of enjoyment out of this race because it's a car game and you like cars, but you also found it incredibly frustrating throughout and now that you have finished it you find you feel no real desire to go back and continue the series. While you don't really regret spending you weekend with racing, you do think it wasn't worth the AAA quaility and you are really disappointed that the others couldn't live up to the challenge.

It seems to me that you rushed to get a full head start only to fail before you could achieve it and this was the result, DNF QUITTER!...

I am not saying all DNF's is about quitting but to those who do. This is a long post so let's get into it...

I would like to know what reason you quit a race other then any technical reason. I want to heasr about your experiance of why you really really quit. I use to quit and figured I was just wasting my time because I was a loser but now I have realized when I don't quit I did WIN and championship and a few TEAM championships, Hell as slow as I am I even got a track time, WOW!

Here are what was my reason once upon a time why I failed;

Let's start with the handling/physics, it's not good, cars feel unresponsive and heavy, the wheels do not respond fast enough to my input, it takes an age to go from full lock to opposite lock. Even with aids turned off the game still tries to take control and veers me into walls, pushes me in a random direction, pulls me out of drifts, prevents me from drifting, or randomly throws me into a drift.

You can clearly see when that the wheels will do their own thing and completely ignore your input, if you tap the brake to help increase your angle the wheels will snap back into the center and then freakout.

The handling is a constant losing battle with the game to get the cars to do what I want instead of the game just taking over and fucking me up.

The map maybe itself is pretty tough and has very little variety, but the worst thing is the random roadworks, jutted out walls and medians right as you come round a blind corner, this map was clearly not designed with racing on it as the first thought. Then there is the dull and dreary, and the cars never look their best because it's always grainy to see them properly.

That tire line is the worst, for a start it's too obtrusive, it's on the road as if it's a racing line but it's really not. It will just snake it's way down a straight road making me think there's a corner coming up or something to avoid even though there isn't, but you have to follow it due to the fact that whoever designed this map thought that random roadworks, jutted out walls and medians right as you come round a blind corner are a fantastic idea, also junctions confuse the hell out of it and it will break and have gaps and stuff.

The game, it's unfinished and should not have been released yet, the car list, handling, customisation, multiplayer and map are severely lacking. This game was way too over ambitious for a race Game with the time frame they were given and it shows.

Yes, version zero point "X" may not be so great but just finishing the race has its own rewards. :)


What's your story about why you quit?

Apr 05, 2016

Feels good to have the internet back again. I must be a addicted internet junky, as for the last 4 days of no internet and no racing I was so bored. Not mentioning I also had no TV this weekend and couldn't watch a race.

The internet is so much better here I can't wait to start a server for Project Cars, Dayz and ARMA III.

I am back in business and see you the on the track and fields.

Nov 22, 2015

I just registered for PokerStars WCP 'G' group qualifiers for next week World Cup of Poker Round 16. I can't believe I have a shot to get in the WCP series. WOOHOO.. Doubt I will get past this point.. HOPE SO!!!!

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Nov 01, 2015

Loser you were a lap down on me.. wtf,, grow up...