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Nov 15, 2016

With the resignation of Tim McArthur from Race2Play's daily operations Race2Play will be closing. We are writing to thank you all for your business during these past 10 years. We also wanted to notify everyone at Race2Play as soon as we could so you all can use this time to gather contact info from your friends, team mates, and league mates before the end date. Please feel free to share your other favorite communities to your fellow R2P drivers during this time.

We will continue normal operations through the end of the 2016 year.

Obviously some annual and semi-annual memberships are due partial refunds. We will be taking care of those during the month of December.

Race2Play Staff

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Oct 05, 2016

In July we announced a 100 event "trial" to all guest members. This meant that a guest could still race for up to two years before ever having to decide to support the community or not. After much consideration on the issue, we have decided to gradually reduce the "trial" event limit in steps over the next few months.

Starting immediately, the new Guest member trial period expires for anyone that has 60 or more events (roughly 1 full year of free racing) and is Guest member status. This includes anyone that allows their current supporting membership to lapse back to Guest status. Guests affected by this trial period expiring can still take part in all community functions (such as forums, downloading files, etc) but can no longer enter race events. That person may restart the ability to race at Race2Play at any time by becoming a supporting member, or he can sponsor individual events or series.

Yes, we expect the standard 10-15% reduction in grid numbers for a short period of time. However, we also expect those numbers to bounce right back - and grow larger - as it did with the implementation of the 100-event limit back in July.

Another change to this figure will come at the start of the new year.

PS - Anyone who needs special pricing consideration only need to ask. We have always been happy to work within your budget to keep supporting members racing at Race2Play

PSS - Returning supporting members who need a little free time, just ask. We love to see you back an are happy to give you the time to consider that supporting membership.

Sep 22, 2016

New SemiPro events were aded to Season 42 (Oct - Dec) where Guest members have the chance of winning a one-month SEMI-PRO membership for free in event event. I think it is safe to say we are looking to add more as well, so keep an eye on the list.

rFactor - EnduRacers Endurance Series [SemiPro]
rFactor2 - Super Formula 3 [SemiPro]
AMS - Formula Extreme [SemiPro]

See the full list at

Aug 16, 2016

We are still working hard to implement all the new things we discussed back in July, but progress is being made every day. And I have more to share...

First, we took the advice of some of our members and have incorporated's Active Server listings into This will give you all a real-time list of active servers (rF, rF2, GSCE, AMS only) who is on them, lap time info, and even live timing & scoring for those servers. This covers 90% of all events at Race2Play at this time, so why not right? Go check it out, it is pretty darn cool. The listing of populated servers only can also be found on the Superview page on the Racing tab.

Race2Play has stepped up our game in the social media department, if you had not already noticed. Our Facebook page is now accompanied by an Instagram, YouTube, and Google+ page. Links to all can be found at the bottom of all pages at or right here:

As promised we have increased the number of entries allowed in many events at Race2Play. ProPlus hosted events as well as most R2P-Official events now allow 20% more entries before people get bumped to red-light status. This resulted in only three people being bumped out of a race (of the more than 1000+ entries) in the three weeks since we adopted this. Guest members are getting more chances to race (for free I might add) and everyone benefits from the larger grid.

Speaking of larger grids, here is some more data on that subject:
- We are continuing to show growth in our event numbers. As I reported at the end of July, we lost 2 race entries on average due to some Guest members not willing to support Race2Play and choosing instead to leave the community. I am happy to say, with rF1 an rF2 events we have already replaced those 2 missing folks with new members. Those race entries are back to June numbers, and on an increasing trend at this time.
- As for the actual event grids, not only have the full recovered, they have exceeded June's average numbers. That is correct, we actually have larger grids right now, thanks in large part to the no-show numbers dropping another 9% (for a total of 18% since June). As I have argued for years, more supporting members = less DNS = larger grids and the data is proving just that.
- rFactor 2 events have seen a 25% increase in race entries, and 32% increase in grid numbers, this in just two weeks!
And lastly, we have recruited numerous people to assist Race2Play in creating event banners, race videos, promo videos, and how-to guides. Some of this you are already seeing, with more to come in the future. If you too would like to help, we are offering free memberships to those willing to put in just a few hours each week worth of work. We are still looking for more people to create videos, promo images, social media accounts, and compile car/track images.

We have a big season of racing that will be added into the system starting at the beginning of September. Be sure to keep an eye out for those, many of which will be announced here as well as on our social media accounts.

Things are moving forward as planned and I am excited about the future of Race2Play in the coming months and the new year.

PS - We will be giving more of these updates to keep you all in the loop.

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Aug 03, 2016

Some of you guys may have noticed more events hitting the schedule these past few days, and some of those events fall outside our normal hours of scheduling.... No? Well, let me tell you - Race2Play is expanding our events to cover more time slots of each day. We are doing this to slowly expand our audience and the types of events we offer.

Right off the bat we have expanded events to better cover Eastern European time zones.

Historic Prototype Endurance Series
Ostra Cup
Aquila CR1 Sports GT
Skoda Octavia Challenge
Vintage CanAm 1971
Vintage Formula Ford
Toyota AE86 Trueno Challenge
RRE Group 5 Challenge

We also expanded the North and South America timed events, also ensuring that both have something to race seven nights each week.

More events = more fun. Enjoy all!

Jul 20, 2016

Hi guys!

So, thanks in large to member discussions and requests on our forums we have considered and started implementing some changes to our current systems here at Race2Play. Some of these changes have already taken effect, while others will be taking effect in the coming days. Here is a run-down...

New schedule timing - We have implemented a 2-hour window even scheduling system (as opposed to 1-hour). This will help spread events out a bit, preventing some (not all though) overlapping events. This will allow people to join many more events on the schedule, and increase grid sizes overall.

More sim choices - We have increased the number of series with the Assetto Corsa sim (now up to 6 currently scheduled with more to come), RaceRoom (3 series, but more weekday series to come), rFactor 2 (13 series on the schedule, and more to come), and Stock Car Extreme (12 series scheduled... yes, more to come). There is even a few Automibilista series, but lets leave those out of the equation for now as it is still far from a stable platform. That is a total of 34 series using the four most recent games to be released into the market, more than half of all events are non-rFactor1. rFactor still has 29 series, and I suspect it will continue to be the leader as it does still draw in the largest crowds.

Time Trial events - We have started utilizing the Time Trial events a little differently. Instead of having them all scheduled out months ahead, they will be scheduled on the fly, so we can use the latest car and track addons in shorter (1 week long) series for a bit more excitement.

Guest member trial periods - Before, guests had free reign to run as many events as they wanted without ever supporting the community. As of August 1st, this is changing as Race2Play is implementing a guest member "trial" period. Once the trial period expires a members account will lock out any further event entries (Guests may still participate in forums and discussions). Guest members must decide at that time if they wish to continue racing in the community they obviously find value in. Becoming a supporting member will immediately unlock event entry abilities again, but falling back to Guest status at any time after will cause them re-lock. This will weed out the less-dedicated folks (the ones more likely to cause issues and to no-show to events) and strengthen our grid numbers and community as a whole. Currently this period expires at 100 events, but expect that number to reduce over the coming months. If you are a Guest member with more than 100 events at this time, your trial period will expire on August 1st.

Increase Maximum entries in events - R2P-Official events (those events that can be sponsored) and ProPlus CYO events will see an increase in grid limits. While the highest limit was 28 cars in the past, we will increase that by another 20% or more to allow more folks (Guests too) to get in and race. Some games only support as few as 24 drivers on a server, but we will allow slightly more than 24 to account for a few no-shows. Again, increased grid sizes across the schedule.

Road races with cautions - We will begin trying some of our road races with cautions enabled... with some sims. As of right now, that realistically only includes rFactor2 at this time as it is the only one we can edit the rFM (the file that controls when/if a caution is waved) for each event without causing mismatches. I can assure you it will not work perfectly right away and will take some tweaking. So, to avoid ruining any championships, we will do a few as fun-runs first. Expect announcements on each as they pop up onto the schedule. Read more

Servers setup earlier - In recent years we have setup all our race servers 24-48 hours prior to the events. With some of the recent changes we can now start getting those servers up and running a bit sooner, so we will (as long as they do not disrupt ongoing events for that day). So, you can start looking for your favorite servers sooner. Find [Semipro] Series

And for those that do not know, the Superview page (on Racing tab) shows all servers up and running.

Semipro Awards - The Semipro Awards program will make a return offering random Guest members a free Semipro membership in select events.

Cash Awards events - Drivers and teams in the [Pro] series race for cash awards. The drivers and team owners in each run class racing for shares of a cash purse.

Lastly, we are looking for a few individuals who love to produce videos. We would be willing to give out memberships to those willing to do a video or two each month. If interested, please contact this account directly with any examples of videos you have done in the past.

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Dec 30, 2013

Before Conor McCarrel, before Tristan Bayless, before Zak Ollerenshaw, way back in 2007 there was another alien; The Sandman, George Sandman

George ran 40 races at Race2Play, winning 21 of those events and finishing on the podium 34 times. His career Open Wheel rank of 9.510 would still place him at the top of the career-rankings today. His Rolling rank is a 10.3 is 0.5 higher than any other.

George was... is, the grandfather of all aliens at Race2Play and we are glad to see that he has decided to make a return.

Welcome back George!

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Dec 25, 2013

With only a few days left in 2013, the Driver of the Year Leaderboard has four drivers from three different countries in a tight race to be the driver of the year. We are watching this closely as Fahn Thomas may be the first American to claim it since 2007.

Check out the Driver of the Year Leaderboard

Supporting members may lookup where they are compared to all Race2Play drivers

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Oct 30, 2013

We have made a few tweaks to the event sorting priority formula to allow Guest members to use Series or Event sponsorships to bump themselves to the top of the event entry list. Now, a Series or Event sponsor automatically earns a guaranteed spot in any event he sponsors.

For reference, here is how event entry is sorted:

CYO event Host
Series and Event Sponsors
PRO PLUS members
PRO members
SEMI-PRO members
Guest members
No-show penalized guest members

All supporting members, sponsors, and hosts are assured a place in the event.

Check the list of sponsorship opportunities to lock in your spot in the races

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Aug 15, 2012

Participant Conduct Regulation
"It is expected that every participant and driver (entrant) at any event shall conduct themselves according to the highest standards of behavior and sportsmanship, particularly in their relationship with other drivers and Officials, and in a manner that shall not be detrimental to the reputation of Race2Play. Failure to do so may result in harsh penalties"

Once again Race2Play was forced into removing a member of this community because he could not play by this one simple rule. He was repeatedly warned that his conduct was out of bounds and what would happen if he continued, yet he chose to continue with full knowledge of his violation and the repercussions.

We regret having to take such actions, but we also realize it is more important to have a civilized community than one full of bickering and immature behavior. We know that our supporting members want these chronic rule violators removed and a peaceful community to enjoy sim-racing. We will continue to give you such a place at Race2Play.

Thank you all for your support on this manner. Now back to the racing!

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