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Before you start

We follow standards of competition taken from the National Auto Sport Association's rule set and adapted by our years of experience organizing online auto racing. Treat your fellow racers with fairness and respect on and off the track and you will do fine.

Rules and regulations ... Learn it, know it, live it, and you'll do fine.

Synchronize your watches

Make sure to set the time zone in your account profile so you'll see all times on the website automatically adjusted to your clock. Check that the "Current time ... " in red matches the clock on your wall, and you are good to go.

Let's go racing

Signups are on an event-by-event basis. Enter whatever events you like in whatever series you like.

1. Find event. There are myriad ways of browsing for events by category or list or even by search.

2. Join event. On the event page click the "[Join this event]" button at the top. Note that supporting members of Race2Play receive priority entry in the events.

3. Run event. The events you've signed up for and their server passwords will be listed at the top of your Dashboard page. If you're unable to make an event, please use the "[Unregister]" link so that someone from the waiting list may move up to the grid.

Groups are forums

Group = Forum, with some added functionality. By joining a Group you'll receive notices of new activity for that Group. PRO and PRO PLUS members may create new Groups, adding public forums for areas of interest or making private Groups for top secret eyes-only stuff.

Teams and Leagues have their own forums. Blogs are essentially personal forums. (Only you may start a topic in your own blog, and decide whether or not to allow coments from others.)

The Superview page presents a handy roundup of all the various forum activity across Race2Play in the last few days.

Have fun!

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