.Procedure - Filing a protest

Procedure - Filing a protest

Before considering the use of a protest, read What is a protest?

Protests and Complaints regarding another participant must be submitted no earlier than 24 hours after race completion and no later than 72 hours after race completion. Any filings outside the allotted window or protests lacking any information will not be reviewed. If your protest is declined due to invalid or improper filing of a protest or missing or improper information, you may not be able to resubmit the protest.

A protest must have only the following information;

  • Name of event in question
  • Participant or incident in question
  • Exact time-stamp of incident
  • Cite exact policy violated

    DO NOT include your own opinion or play-by-play of the incident. By doing so your protest will be rejected.

    The above information must be transmitted to the Race2Play Official via the Race2Play message center. Protests are reviewed at the completion of the 72 hour wait period. All Steward decisions are final.

    Excessive unsubstantiated protests or complaints will be grounds for penalty/discipline.

  • Penalties are issued only if there is clear and obvious malicious intent in a person's actions, or repeated misjudgment. Accidental contact is part of auto-racing and is not considered malicious. Filing a protest does not guarantee it will be resolved with a penalty.

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