Guide to oval racing at Race2Play

Guide to oval racing at Race2Play

Since oval racing is more of an American form of motorsports many may not understand some of the less spoken rules of oval racing. I will touch on as many as I can here so newcomers to oval racing will have more knowledge prior to their first races.

Sim-centric items

- The front row qualifiers may need to quickly accelerate off the grid to catch the pace car as fast as possible. This is to avoid a "driving too slow" penalty that will force you to start at the rear of the field.
- Always give the pace car a little room. It sometimes accelerates and brakes erratically.
- Under caution and pace laps, use the TAB key to see other driver's names. The name in yellow signifies the driver you should stay behind.

Oval racing rules

- Starts and restarts begin with the Green Flag and the Green Flag alone. All cars should maintain even pace speed until the Green Flag flies. Accelerating before such time is jumping the start and subject to scrutiny.
- You should not pass cars before the Start/Finish line on a start or restart. Hold your position until after you have crossed the line. There are exceptions to this rule; Cars in the high lane may pass cars lined up in the lower lane, and you may pass a car for safety reasons such as a car that had a mechanical failure or a near spin. (see below for more information on this)
- When a full-course caution is thrown, you should not continue to race for position. Hold the position you have and prepare to gently slow down. Stay near speed to avoid being run over from behind while gently slowing. (See below for more information on this)
- During a caution you have to wait for the pits to open. This is usually after the pace-car has picked up the leader. You will be notified in your chat window (or by your spotter) when the pits are open.
- If you are a lap down to the leader at the time of the caution, you are not allowed to pit on the first lap that the pits are open. You should stay on the track behind the pace car until the next lap around where the pits will then be open for lapped cars.
- When lining back up for a restart, lapped cars line up to the inside lane while lead-lap cars will line up to the outside lane.
- When exiting the pit lane, you should stay on the apron (off of the racing surface) until you reach the back straight. The prevents you from being run over by a car traveling 100 MPH faster than you.

Race2Play Oval rules

- Race2Play oval racing events may have time limits on the race in addition to the lap count. This is to prevent a race continuing past it's scheduled allotted time in the schedule.
- If you spin and your car comes to rest on the track facing the wrong direction, please do not attempt to move until traffic has passed, at which time you may maneuver yourself to the apron and rejoin the race. Please be patient in these situations. The cars will be moving at speeds that you simply can not judge properly from a stand still.

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