Guides for GTR2

Below are some guides to help get you up to speed with this software. Sometimes there are little quirks or tweaks that can be done, but are rarely talked about. They are linked here;

Newbie guide to seeing Race2Play servers in GTR2
Guide to surviving sim-races By Ray Gillespie
"After my first race" By Steve Wood
Game wont load after patch
Staying on the server after a DNF
Unlock all cars and tracks
GTR2 Setup guide by Mark Stegger
"Click" sound for incoming chat messages

The GTR_PD Program offers live telemetry if you have multiple PCs or monitors.

Installation of GTR2

GTR2 comes with three disks. Each one is labeled so simply read the face of the disk to learn which is which. Place disk 1 in your tray and follow the prompts. The first prompt indicates the game will go to your C drive. You can chose an alternative location by hitting the browse button in the prompt if you want. The software also asks if you want a shortcut on your desktop. After you have decided on the sim's location and whether you want a shortcut on your desktop, a window comes up summarizing the install tasks and gives you an opportunity to change the them.

As the disk installs, a window appears on your screen telling you how far the process is along. When disk 1 is done, a window appears prompting you to place disk 2 in the tray. A prompt also tells you when to place disk 3.

When the install is done, you will asked to select a resolution. Chose what your rig can handle and you are finished. It is that simple.

Credit to Joseph Di Pino for this guide

Patching GTR2

On December 21, 2006, Simbin released a patch for GTR2. It is available in the Race2Play files area. You must have this patch installed to join the servers. Get the European or North American version depending on the localization of your game.

After you have downloaded it, simply double click the file and it essentially self installs. A window comes up asking you if you agree to the licensing mumbo-jumbo. Click "I agree". The next window tells you that it will install to GTR2's location. You, like during the main install, will be asked if you want to install it elsewhere. Remember that when you installed GTR2, it asked if you wanted to install the software to a location other than your C drive. The purpose of the prompt is to get patch to where you installed the sim itself.

After you have answered this question, just click the "install" button and away it goes. A window will come up when telling you that it is done. The entire process takes only a few minutes.

"Note that the patch brings the game from "v1.000" to "v1.100". This appears in the upper right corner of the window/page that comes up immediately after the operatic introductory video. Note also that the first time you try to go online, your firewall may block access. If your game cannot get online the first time your try after patching, double check the firewalls list of permitted applications. The patch modifies the sim's "exe" file and to the firewall might see it as a new and different internet application. If so, just unblock access and you are all set.

Credit to Joseph Di Pino for this guide

Playing GTR2 for the first time

When you start GTR2 for the first time, you will be asked to create a player. At R2P, we use our real names. So, create a player using your name identical to how you have your membership at R2P. Be careful and take your time. I registered at R2P as "Joseph Di Pino". Note the capitals and the spaces in my last name. I created a player in GTR2 named "Joseph Di Pino". This is critical for records, statistics, etc at R2P.

After creating the player, you will be able to map your wheel and choose your features such as "sound", "realism" etc. Very simple and obvious. Just carefully read what is on your screen and select what you want and what your rig can handle. Almost all of these options are located in the body of your screen or the lower part of your screen except for one key item. At the top of your screen, will see left and right arrows for cycling through "arcade", semi-pro", or "simulation". For R2P online racing, you must select "simulation".

After you have made your choices, your "splash" page will list whether you want to drive at a private practice, race weekend, etc. On the right hand side, you will see a column listing lan and internet. Make sure your firewall's list of applications permits GTR2 to go online.

Next, select "internet" and you will asked to authenticate your game. In the US version, the authentication code is on a sticker on the cd case. Simply type it in carefully and click enter.

You will then be asked to create an online name. Note that this is a different function than your player name. Your online name is the one that appears in the GTR2 online lobby. This name can be different than your player name if you wish. Type in your online name, select a password, confirm that password, and give your email address in the boxes asking for this information. Click enter and you are done.

If your online name is different than your player name, your player name is the one that appears in the list of drivers at a R2P server. For example, my online name is "Giuseppe of pines". However, when I enter a R2P server, I show up as "Joseph Di Pino". In this way, you can, if you have some privacy concerns, shield your name from the players in the lobby but still drive under your real name in conformity with R2P policies.

Once you have entered the GTR2 online lobby, you will see a list of servers on the left. Look for Race2Play servers and click it and press join. When you have signed up for a race, the race password will be listed on your "My Pitbox" page on the Race2Play service.

In the middle of the GTR2 lobby page, you will see left and right arrows next to "datarate". Make sure you have selected "ISDN". Just cycle through either arrow until "ISDN" appears. This setting stabilizes your connection.

Credit to Joseph Di Pino for this guide

Changing or Creating a 2nd driver profile in GTR2

As Race2Play requires you to use your real name as your "driver name" and then that your in game name match this exactly, we threw together this quick tutorial to walk you through it step by step.

This assumes you know how to use Windows Explorer and basic copy, paste and rename" operations. It’s also helpful if your Windows Explorer is set to allow you to see file extensions which is done in "Tools\Folder Options". In this example I will be changing from my nickname of "VdrSain" to my real name of "Darin Boyd".

First of all we would recommend that you make a back up of your driver folder. I have a folder in my "Games" folder called "Temp GTR" that I use for just this type of backups along with any downloads or utilities related to GTR that I want to keep, but not to clutter up my main game install.

Once your "temp" folder is created browse back to your "GTR2\UserData" folder, and copy your "driver name" folder to your new "temp" folder, which you can see I have done here in pic1. Now if you ever have a big crash or your settings get screwed up you can go back and copy this folder into your new install and you are back in business.

Now for renaming your driver name to match your R2P or real name.

Go back to "GTR2\UserData" and you will see there are only 3 things that need changing, 1 folder and 2 files. First rename the folder to your real name, complete with the spaces. Next you will see the 2 files that need renamed within that folder, the first is a ".GAL" and the other is a ".PLR". Rename these 2 files to match your real name and the folder exactly as the renaming of the folder.

Ok if you want to use this name for all of your future GTR racing you are done!! However if you would like to retain your old driver name or nickname that you were using, simply go back to your new "temp" folder and copy your old driver folder back into "GTR2\UserData" and you will be able to select either driver name from within the game.

Thanks, and see you on the track!!

Credit to Darin Boyd for this guide

Guide to pitting in P&G mod (GTR2, for that matter)

- The pit stall- don't overshoot! If you go so much as a foot past your pit stall, you are out of luck. Don't bother backing up, the crew will not service you until you exit the pits and pull back in on the next lap. If you don't have enough fuel to pull that off, you are out of luck. Be careful, this is not the place to shave off a second by coming in too hot!

- The pit board - Map keys under "Buttons/Accessories" for "Menu Up"/"Menu Down"/"Menu Val.Increase"/"Menu Val.Decrease" and know them well. When you come to a stop in your pits, these are the keys you will use to navigate the pit menu. Sometimes you will want to tell the crew not to change tires; sometimes you will want to tell them not to repair damage. Note there are more than one damage items you may need to tell them not to repair. Get used to this process- when the pit board comes up you will know that time is critical and you will fumble around with these keys for many races to come. No doubt you will sometimes forget to tell them not to repair damage, and spend an extra 60-90 seconds in the pits; sometimes you will remember to tell them, and they will do it anyway. This is a... uh... "feature" of GTR2 that we have all come to live with.

- You must kill the ignition to be refueled in P&G. There are two controls involved in killing and restarting the engine: "Ignition" and "Starter" are both under "Buttons/Extra" in the "Controls" menu. If either or both are unmapped, the game will automatically kill and restart the engine when you pit, with a time penalty of a couple of seconds over what you might be able to accomplish if you do it yourself. If you map those buttons, you must turn off the ignition when you pit before the crew will fuel your car. As soon as they are done fueling, you can turn the ignition back on (hit the ignition button) and start the car by holding down the starter button (you can do this while the crew is changing tires).

Credit to Michael Kolar for this guide
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