Driving Advantage 01 - Introduction

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Doug is a retired high-tech executive who was originally trained in electronic engineering. Doug’s first car project was a Devin fiberglass body on a Plymouth chassis when he was a teenager. In love with cars from the 3rd grade on, Doug had to face reality and concentrate on school and career. At age 40 the old urges returned and Doug built and autocrossed a Beck Porsche 550 replica. The 550 was probably the fastest most developed 550 replica of that time. It pulled a legitimate 1.2 g’s and dynoed at 172 BHP. With it Doug won a championship. Doug moved on to race karts, running his first race on his 51st birthday. From there Doug started sports cars racing and has driven Formula Fords, Porsche 935 and 944, Mazda RX3, and Formula Mazda. Doug actively campaigned a Renault spec racer in NASA for several years.

Doug now runs Force 5 Racing, a successful and competitive racing team having run in Formula E and D Sports Racer classes at the national level in SCCA. At force 5 Doug's roles beyond general management are focused on engine development and driver development. Doug’s latest efforts have been on the "OODA Loop" and the role of simulation in driver training.

Doug occasionally takes on driver development clients who are willing to embrace the whole program.

© 2007 Doug Snyder of Force 5 Racing Team
Permission granted; "Driving Advantage"

Excerpts form Doug's book "Driving Advantage"


Most books on racing recount the experiences of their authors, this book does not. It is a survey and compilation of important information from other fields, particularly the branch of psychology known as human performance. It also includes information from aviation research and air combat literature. I have found very little information in print applying these valuable fields to racing. This syllabus is an attempt to correct that.

To use this material effectively, the reader needs to have some experience to draw upon, so that one can form the mental pictures necessary to implement the ideas. Also the reader needs an open mind and inquisitive attitude.

My job here is interpretive and analytical. I bring few original ideas, but am rather piecing together information from both inside and outside racing into a book that I hope will give you a new perspective. Also, I must offer the caveat that not everything in this book is proven. A lot of this has not been applied and tested in racing although much of it has been proven in other sports. In addition, the field of motor learning is new, and much of the motor leaning data is subject to interpretation and revision as the science progresses.

In any case, I hope you enjoy the reading and trying this material and I firmly believe that with an open mind and conscious effort it will make you faster.

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© 2007 Doug Snyder of Force 5 Racing Team
Permission granted; "Driving Advantage"

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