Punting = drive-through *

The following rule is only enforced in events that specifically call for its use

Punting + drive-thru
The term "punting" is defined as nose-to-tail (or side-of-the-nose to side-of-the-tail) contact, where the leading car is significantly knocked off of the racing line. The “nose” of the car is defined as the area from one front wheel, around the front of the car, to the other front wheel including the wheels themselves. Once the trailing car has its front wheels next to the driver of the other vehicle, it is considered that the trailing car has the right to be there and that the leading driver must leave the trailing driver enough "racing room".

If adequate racing room is left for the trailing car, and there is incidental contact made between cars, the contact will be considered “side-to-side”. Incidental side-to-side contact is considered to be a racing incident.

Any driver who "punts" another car, either off track or into a spin, at any time during the race, must serve an immediate drive-through penalty (in addition to any stop for repairs) for each instance. You may not be informed of this penalty by the Steward, but you are still required to serve the drive-through. Failure to serve the penalty will result in a minimum of 1 lap deducted from your finishing position.

See Appendix for more on this policy

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