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Create your own leagues, series and events within the Race2Play ecosystem. Host your own racing with the Race2Play community.

What do I do as an event "host"?

The race servers will be set up and provided by Race2Play in the hours leading up the event (*) ... You are now "hosting" your own event.

Essentially, your one responsibility as an event host is to advance the session to Qualifying, on time, at the proper time. This is generally done by calling for a vote through means built into each racing sim. Kicked into schedule, the server will run on autopilot to the end. Session restarts, race restarts, are not permitted under any circumstances.

(*) Race2Play does not set up servers in the case of iRacing. Those you will be responsible for setting up yourself through that service.

What am I getting here?

You're getting to create and run leagues/series/events within the Race2Play ecosystem, with all the accustomed advantages and benefits the platform: integrated teams, exposure before a worldwide driver pool, the event structure with race reports and screenshots and social connection, the statistical collection and permanent historical record, the homepages and forums and galleries and so on. If sponsorship is included, it comes with the event sponsorship title naming, banner and link options to boot.

All provided for less cost than even renting your own server.

What are the advantages of a league?

A league is an umbrella organization under which you can host multiple series across multiple seasons. A league is yours for the life of your membership. League features include its own membership, forum, screenshot gallery, stat collection, history and more. You have some control over league membership, making it open or invite-only. That said, there is no requirement you create events under a league ... Your choice.

Why might some slots be unavailable?

To give all events and all drivers a better opportunity for success, the number of events permitted to start at a given hour may be limited.

Why can't I schedule a race for today?

You have to give drivers time to see your new event and enter. Ideally, you're scheduling events at least a week in advance.

Why only straight-up o'clock time slots?

Your one job as the event host is to advance the session to Qualifying, on time, at the proper time. Know simply, then, that this happens at the top of the hour, the straight-up o'clock. Foolproof, right?

Why length in minutes? What about laps?

If you're fixing on a certain number of laps, do the math (laps x lap_time) and set the minutes accordingly.

What time zone is used when creating an event?

If you are logged in to Race2Play, the site will display everything in the time zone you selected in your member profile

What else do I need to know?

Member-created events become an integral part of the greater Race2Play experience, and as such said members must uphold the standard of that experience as hosts by maintaining all policies, rules and procedures of Race2Play, without exception or addition. This encompasses both racing on the track as well as behavior on the website. No system comprising the Race2Play web service (such as event registration and passwording, team creation, race protests, paint skins and other benefits of membership level) may be bypassed or undermined in any way. Failure to operate within the integrity of the Race2Play experience will result in the loss of the league/series/event without refund.

For questions about events at Race2Play, contact Tim McArthur

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