Guide to Mail Center

You can access your personal Mail Center via your User Portal page or from the My R2P navigation sub-links.

Messages box
The "Messages" box will display notices of discussions going on within Groups or Blogs that you have subscribed to. You may click on those notices to navigate directly to each Group or Blog that has new content.

Mail Manager
Follow the link to the Mail Center. This is your personal and private mail box to receive and send emails to other members. The Inbox will hold all incoming mail and the Sentbox will hold all outgoing messages.

Address Book
An address book is included which will display a list of people whom who choose to include in this address book. It will also supply you with direct links to those user's Member and driver pages. To add someone to your address book, navigate to that persons Member page and select the "add to address book" link.

Sending mail to other Members
There are two ways to send mail to another member;
1) Navigate to the other person's member page, follow the "Write message to..." link, and type in your message.
2) If you have added people to your address book, you may follow the "Write mail" link from your Mailbox Manager and select the member you wish to send the message to.

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