What is parc-ferme?

Parc Ferme, literally meaning "closed park" in French, is a term used to describe a secure area at a Grand Prix circuit where the cars may be stored overnight, or in our case; between the qualifying and race sessions.

This means that you are unable to touch your car after you have started your qualifying laps. No setup changes can be done including the adding or reduction of fuel load. When qualifying for a race that has Parc Ferme rules you must qualify using your race setup and race fuel load. More importantly have your radiator, tire compound, and rear wing settings as you want them for the entire race distance before going out for your first lap in qualifying.

In our Formula 1 series there are still a few settings that you are able to change even with the Park Ferme rules in place;
- The front wing can be adjusted during and after qualifying. This allows you have a slightly different car in qualifying then in race, but the changes will not be very dramatic.
- All "controller settings" such as steering ratio, brake bias, etc may still be adjusted.
- Boost can still be adjusted both in and out of cockpit
- You will recover any fuel you burn in the qualifying session. Start the qualifying session with the amount of fuel you wish to start the race session with.

Using the Parc Ferme to your benefit;
- We know that everyone is qualifying with their first stint of fuel on board. The added weight of the fuel will slow everyone to an extent. Anyone can choose to run a short first-stint (less fuel in qualifying) to gain some grid positions.
- The front wing adjustments can help adjust your qualifying setup to cope with the extra boost you will be running in qualifying which may cause some over-steer. Lower the front wing to balance the car in qualifying and raise it again for the start of the race.

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