Guide to your first race

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What time zone is displayed? If you set your time zone in your member profile and are logged in, the site will display everything in your local time. Otherwise, all times are displayed in the baseline Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Signing up for your first race
Members sign up for individual events as opposed to entire series at once. Navigate to the event of your interest, click the link to join and you'll be presented with the signup form. If you wish to run the event under a Team, here is where you would declare that choice as well. Details of all events for which you have registered are delivered to the Event Reminders on your private My Race2Play page for easy tracking. Come race time, you connect to race server just as you would for any online race.

Important note: We drive under our first and last names and not under nicknames at Race2Play, so be sure to create a profile in your sim to match your first and last name at Race2Play.


What you can expect in your first race.
Race2Play asks that you take the time to read our Cardinal rules regarding online auto racing. These are specific to good sportsmanship and safety so anyone accustomed to real world track-days or club racing will already be acquainted with these.

A server is available for you to practice a few days prior to each event. You will find that server password on your My R2P page. Roughly 24 hours prior to your event, the password will change for those locked in the event.

A Steward will keep the event on schedule and keep you informed of that schedule. The Steward will also answer any questions you might have, so please do not be afraid to ask.

After the event, feel free to stay on the server to discuss the race with your fellow racers, or ask the Steward questions. Come back to the Race2Play web pages and navigate to the Event page (it will be displayed on the Sim Racing page) and review the results and post your comments in the post-race discussion area.

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