Teams - How do I create a team?

A Team can be formed by Pro and Pro Plus members.

Team Creation
To create a team, go to the Racing > Teams page. There you will find a link to

Team Name - The name by which you want your team to be known.
Description - A brief summary of your team. This will be viewable by visitors to your Team's web page.
Open Join - If "yes", then anyone can join this team. "No" means by invitation only.
Open View - Whether non-team members can view the Team's forum.
Open Post - Whether non-team members can post to the Team's forum.

Inviting team members
A team owner only need to browse to each potential team-mate's homepage (or use the Search function to find) and "invite" that person to the team.

- Pro member teams have a 10-driver limit.
- Pro Plus members can form an unlimited number of teams.
- Pro Plus members can form "Super-teams" with a 20-driver limit.

Teams are valid so long as the owner maintains his valid membership standing. If that expires, the Team will be nonfunctional for its members.

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