Rank - How does Ranking work?

It is a formula determined by your race finishes, among a few other factors. Without going into the actual math, the better you finish the higher your Rank. The Rank scale is 0-10 (though it is possible in very extreme cases to have a rank edging below 0 or above 10). A word of advice: Try your very best to finish races short of driving a damaged unsafe car on track with your competitors. DNFs will drag down your ranking.

A realistic rank for a superb driver with a high percentage of wins and poles, is an 8.
A realistic rank for a very good driver with a good ratio of wins, is 6 or 7
A realistic rank of the average driver with the occasional win or pole is a 4 or 5.
A realistic rank for a driver that challenges for mid-pack positions is a 3 or 4.
A realistic rank for a new-comer to sim-racing may be in the 1 to 3 range.

You will need to have a certain number of events in your history before your Rank is included on the main Rankings page. Currently, that number is 9 events.

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