Participant Conduct

Participant Conduct - Expectations (NASA CCR 23.1)
It is expected that every participant and driver (entrant) at any event shall conduct themselves according to the highest standards of behavior and sportsmanship, particularly in their relationship with other drivers and Officials, and in a manner that shall not be detrimental to the reputation of Race2Play. Failure to do so may result in harsh penalties

Good sportsmanship (NASA CCR 23.1.1)
Good sportsmanship is the very essence of the sport, and the basic foundation of any competition. Competitors are expected to hold the qualities of fairness, honesty, courtesy, and justice to be more important than the outcome of the race. Real sportsmen/women may have an intense desire to win, but not at all costs. A person that has won by cheating, or by any means less than honorable, has simply found a way to acquire a trophy, but not a victory. The actual winner is the true sportsman/woman that might go home with nothing in his/her hands, yet his/her heart is overflowing with satisfaction. This satisfaction comes from the understanding that the value of winning is not found in a trophy, but rather in the sheer pleasure of playing the sport with honesty, fairness, and integrity.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct (NASA CCR 23.1.2)
Any unsportsmanlike conduct, on any scale, is not welcome at Race2Play events. Acts of unsportsmanlike conduct have many forms such as name-calling, arguing, accusing, intimidation, flashing headlamps, honking horns, and losing without grace. No form of unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated. Competitors that show poor sportsmanship due to a mistake in judgment will be educated. However, competitors that commit repeated acts of unsportsmanlike conduct will be excluded from all future events.

Knowledge of the Rules (NASA CCR 23.1.3)
All drivers must know all of the rules. Ignorance of a specific rule is not a defense

Attendance (NASA CCR 23.1.4)
All registered participants are required to attend the event. If a driver is unable to attend, you are required to un-register from the event ahead of time. While it is understandable that this may not be possible from time to time, repeated no-shows will result in your entries to future events being filled by participants with a better reliability record

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