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Originally posted by Pablo Marteniz (see his blog)

I made this tutorial to help people to make videos. This is how I make them myself, I know there are better ways but I will show mine:



You need FRAPS or a similar program. I think FRAPS it's the best one to record your clips from replays. PM me if you want a link to download it. I think this is the best way to configure it:

- Choose the folder to save the clips, bear in mind that the size of the files is very big so you need a lot of free space in your hard drive!

- If you don't want to record sound, untick the option, you will increase your FPS when recording a clip and the size of the files will be smaller too. If you want to record the sound and you have a microphone perhaps you will record the microphone sound instead of the game sound, so choose the correct sound device. Try recording one clip and check that everything is OK, then you are good to go.

- This program records exactly what you are watching in the screen, so it's very important to tick the "No cursor" option, unless you want a ugly cursor in your video :)

2 - Game Config

I will talk about rFactor but this is very similar to other games like GTR2, ARCA or Race because they use the same graphic and physic engine.

We are going to choose the best config to get high FPS. The more the better, we should have about 25-30 FPS when we record a clip. If you try this configuration
and see that your FPS are very low (under 20) you have to decrease the quality level.

- Shader Level: DX9 is the best option
- AntiAliasing: Level 2 is enough (I think it has good quality and the FPS are not very low in this level)
- Resolution: I use 1600x900 when I record because it is 16:9 aspect and thats the one YouTube HD uses.
- 16 bit, 32 bit: There's no big difference, but you might see green tyre smoke if you use 16 bit.

Your rFConfig should look like this:

And this is the config I use ingame (4)

3 - Cameras

Change your control settings to be able to move the cameras, use zoom, rotate, etc. You will be able to move the camera to the place you want. Use cameras that follows the car you want or static ones, that depends on you.


4 - Music

The first thing I do when I make a video is to choose a song and think what I'm going to make the video. You might not want to use music, but if you do, bear in mind that the song you choose is very important, it will make people love or hate your video. Slow songs fits very well with slowmotion, and fast songs with fast cars in the static cameras, crashes, slides, etc.

5 - Recording

Record your clips from the replay, close all your programs, if your PC is busy you will have less FPS. Remember to remove the race information in the replay by pressing enter.

6 - Editing

I use Sony Vegas 8.0 but you can make good videos with programs such as CyberLink Power Director or Adobe Premier. I will try to explain how to make a video using Sony Vegas (the screenshots are in Spanish)

Open the program, you will see a explorer where you can get the clips you recorded, a little screen where you can watch your video is going and a time line where we add our clips and the sounds.

You may want to start with a text to present your video, go to the text tool and add your title by just moving the text box to the time line.

Now go to the explorer tab and put your song in the timeline, then start adding clips too. If you mix two videos you will have a transition between these videos. I suggest you to play the video everytime you add a clip and check everything is OK, you have a little screen on the right side where you can see your progress.

There are LOTS of effects for your video, you can even download plugins from the internet. I usually use some color effects to make the video more real. If you want to add one effect to the whole video, I think you have to add it to every clip.

7 - Rendering

Time to render. Go to "render as". Now we have lots of options. Remove the black stripes of the video to render a fullscreen video. I usually render as a WMV file.

You can choose a template and customize it. Choose the best quality in the project tab, then go to the video tab and choose the options I have in the image.

Make a coffe and wait for your video. It can takes about 1,5 hours to render a 4 minutes video, that depends on your PC and the video compression mainly. I suggest you to render 4 or 5 seconds of your video and watch it, then render the whole video if everything is OK.

I'm sorry about my poor english, but I hope this tutorial helps you to make your videos, have fun!

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